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At the Scottish Cultural Centre, we are here to ensure your day is memorable for all the right reasons. We take great pride in the services our experienced and courteous staff provide, from recommending professional decorators or caterers you can trust, to making sure you’ve remembered all the details. We care almost as much as you do!

Many people know us because they’ve been to a wedding reception here, or they know of someone who has had a favourable experience with a wedding reception or other function here. Nearly all of our advertising is done through “Word of Mouth” referrals, unquestionably the best indicator of customer satisfaction.

We have a beautiful ballroom of nearly 5,000 feet that can be divided into two smaller halls with hardwood floor throughout, and a castle-like 20-foot ceiling. Decorate however you like on the day before? No charge. Set-up and use of our chairs and tables is no charge. Stage and PA for speeches, no charge. Kitchen and bar, no charge. Spotlights and projection screens…you get the idea. It’s a beautiful space in a great location, on Vancouver’s West Side, minutes away from Downtown, Richmond, Burnaby, etc. But we don’t charge like it is.

Hire our accomplished chef or bring your own caterer to use our commercial kitchen. We are the only large Vancouver venue to encourage you to bring in your own caterer, at no extra cost. So you get the food you want at the price you’re comfortable paying.

Unlike most venues, there is NO CORKAGE FEE at the Scottish Cultural Centre. Our bar area sits in the foyer, so precious floor space in the ballroom isn’t taken. The No Fee bar permits you to have the option of bringing in your own alcohol and bartender, or we can recommend reputable companies we’ve work with over the years, either of which can save you hundreds of dollars.

We’ve been doing this for over thirty years. So we know what works and what doesn’t. And we know what’s most important: You.

Relax. You’ve found us.

Call our office or fill-out the form below to discuss your plans or get referrals to trusted event planning professionals who have returned to us over and over.

Love Found and Sealed at the Scottish Cultural Centre: The Animated Story of Brook and Becky.


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